BrewKits & Ingredients

Please note that when you order BrewKits or ingredients, you can not order beers. Please make an other order, if you also want beers. 

  • Malts


    Choose the malt you need for your next beer.

    Choose by the gram.

    Use all the interesting and aromatic malts we have to offer.

  • Hops


    Hops are the spice of the beer.

    Make your beer your favorite beer, and impress your friends by choosing a great hop, that will make your beer fantastic.

    Buy by the gram, so you only get exactly what you need.

  • Yeast


    Find the yeast perfect for your beer.

    A crisp and clear fermentation, for some beers, and a lot more aroma in other beers. We have them all.

    Choose the yeast you want to use.

  • Salt & Minerals and Yeast Nutrition

    Salt & Minerals and Yeast Nutrition

    Choose your preferred salt and minerals
    Choose your yeast nutrition