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Same same and still different

Why bother, one could ask, to compare two good beers. Just pick the one that is best for the occasion, and you are safe. IPA for taste, wheat for some foods, and sours and stouts have their golden hours too.

How difficult can that be? In fact it is not difficult at all. Drink the beer you like, and enjoy it.

Educate yourself

However. FURBREW wants you to know how the flavour, the subtle differences, even in the same beer type is created.

So, from time to time we create a beer that is fit for that. We have done a series of Single Malt And Single Hops (SMASH) beers. They can showcase how a single hop is tasting.

And now we release two IPAs. Same malt. Same bittering hops. slightly different dry hopping, and very different yeast.

Two Yeasts

The yeast is the big difference. 4th of July is fermented with standard American yeast US-05. A yeast that does not leave a lot of esters and phenols in the beers. It lets the malt and the aromas from the malt and the hops stand clear.
17th of May is fermented with the new kid in the brewing class. Kveik. A wild yeast from Norway. Used in local brewing for hundreds of years. Now tamed, and available for breweries all around the world. Gives some citrus notes and a freshness to the beer.

How to

For each person, find two good glasses, can be wine glasses or brandy glasses. Open both bottles. Pour a little in each glass. About to the thickest part of the glass. Look, sniff, taste, in that order.

You will be able to find a difference.

Once that is done. Enjoy the beers. Never waste beer!

And you have hopefully learned a little.

We sell the two beers as a duopack with 25% discount in Furbrew Beer Bar, in the 100 Garden and for takeaway and delivery from 14th September.