Welcome to the overview of all our beers, and other beverages we make. 

• Current Stay Beers •
Bia Phở | Speciality Ale | 4.6 | IBU: 18 | EBC: 14

Bia Phở Speciality Ale FurbrewThe challenge. Make a beer that tastes like Phở. Our answer is here. The umami taste from the broth is imitated by some light roasted malts, and a good sweetness. The five big spices are added, as well as a fast infusion of some hot chilies.

Bia Zôôô | Blonde | 4.8 | IBU: 21 | EBC: 5

Bia Zôôô Blonde FurbrewA refreshing simple beer made for thirsty people. Made of the best ingredients only.

Celebration Stout | Milk Stout | 14 | IBU: 28 | EBC: 120

Celebration Stout Milk Stout FurbrewThe charlatan of beers. The milkstout. Sweet, luring, and dangerous. Fits cake and BBQ, and ice cream, and just as a good night beer.

Chinook IPA | Smash IPA | 7.6 | IBU: 60 | EBC: 12

Chinook IPA Smash IPA FurbrewRefreshingly simple. Strong in alcohol and complex in the taste. Just the taste of one good barley and one good hop. Here - the Chinook (US), with a crisp lemony taste, almost tarty..

Hanoi Saison | Saison | 8.9 | IBU: 23 | EBC: 13

Hanoi Saison Saison FurbrewA strong, aromatic saison as a match to some of the more spicy and heavy Vietnamese food. Perfect for deep fried food, or just to get that long lasting taste of great beer.

Lemon Grass Wheat | American Wheat | 5.3 | IBU: 9 | EBC: 18

Lemon Grass Wheat American Wheat FurbrewA classical wheat beer, in a local version. The sweetish, almost candylike, aromas occuring in the wheat beer, play with all the scents from lemon grass and lime zest. Great with seafood and greens.

Sour Watermelon Gose | Gose | 4.2 | IBU: 9.3 | EBC: 5.7

Sour Watermelon Gose Gose FurbrewGose, the salty beer. Here fermented with a mix of soured beer and watermelon. A hint of something musky, but a great depth to the sourness. Food: Classic salads, anything with vinegar, or simply as it, with a salty snack.

Tây | Pale Ale | 5.3 | IBU: 40 | EBC: 9

Tây Pale Ale FurbrewIn this pale ale, the richness of the malt is balanced out with the Nelson Sauvin hops, adding a slight resin freshness to the beer. The hint of lemon comes from the Motueka hops.

Uncle Sam's | Hard Lemonade | 4.2 | IBU: N/A | EBC: N/A

Uncle Sam's Hard Lemonade FurbrewA perfectly refreshing adult soft drink. Fermented from local lime fruits.

• Current Seasonal Beers •
Beach Beer | Cream Ale | 4.7 | IBU: 16 | EBC: 9

Beach Beer Cream Ale FurbrewIt is often warm in Vietnam. So enjoy this light, refreshing and easy to drink ale. Just what you need when you are thirsty, and somehow, safe drinking water is not to be found.

Black Diamond | Oat Meal Stout | 4.5 | IBU: 31 | EBC: 70

Black Diamond Oat Meal Stout FurbrewA dark and refreshing beer with a great mouthfeel. Get the full taste of the dark malts, but not a lot of alcohol. Perfect for roasted meat.

Coffee Beer | Speciality Ale | 4.5 | IBU: 15 | EBC: 20

Coffee Beer Speciality Ale FurbrewMade with the finest malts, hops, yeast and cold extracted special roasted Vietnamese Arabica Culi/Peaberry beans, grown at 1300m in Đam Rông. Especially roasted for this beer by Aria Coffee Roasters.

Daily IPA | IPA | 6.3 | IBU: 35 | EBC: 7

Daily IPA IPA FurbrewWe all need our Daily IPA. Here we made one. Good American hops. Crisp taste. Nice beer. Come back tomorrow for the next one.

Fresh Mulberries | Sour Fruit Beer | 4.7 | IBU: 16 | EBC: Pink

Fresh Mulberries Sour Fruit Beer FurbrewBack on demand. Mulberry Sour. It will make you smile.

HAMR | Mead | 11 | IBU: | EBC:

HAMR Mead FurbrewThe drink of the Vikings. Mead. Made them go berserk. Drink with care.

Hoa IPA | Boston IPA | 6.5 | IBU: 35 | EBC: 7

Hoa IPA Boston IPA FurbrewLocated behind the flower market in Hanoi we sought inspiration from the daily bombardment of scents to our Boston IPA from here. So we bring you "Flower" in Vietnamese, an aromatic beer scented with Dragon's Nail. Not bitter, not too scented, just a nice beer with one of the many scents of Vietnam.

IV | IIIIPA | 9.6 | IBU: 200 | EBC: 10.5

IV IIIIPA FurbrewTo celebrate the international IPA day on first Thursday in August, we want to start a tradition of making a Quad IPA. Luxurious, grand, limited edition.Both bitter and better.

Ma Ma Chuê | Sour | 2 | IBU: 0 | EBC: 5

Ma Ma Chuê Sour FurbrewMa Ma Chuê is our house sour. A tart, refreshing, beer. Drink alone, or enjoy to seafood.

ONE POINT NINE | Ultra LIght IPA | 1.9 | IBU: | EBC:

ONE POINT NINE Ultra LIght IPA FurbrewBecause sometimes you just want the beer, and not the buzz. At 1.9% this is a beer you can drink more of.

Othello | Dark Lager | 5.5 | IBU: 25 | EBC: 45

Othello Dark Lager FurbrewA very drinkable dark lager. A slight dryness from the dark malt, matches this lager perfect. Have it just because you need a beer, or try it with light roasted food.

Pacific Wheat | American Wheat | 6.1 | IBU: 18 | EBC: 9

Pacific Wheat American Wheat FurbrewA classical wheat beer. The sweetish, almost, candylike aromas, balanced out with the lemony scents from the NZ Motueka hop. A beer that asks for the next one. Again and again...

Ruby IPA | Red IPA | 5.4 | IBU: 52 | EBC: 40

Ruby IPA Red IPA FurbrewThe coffee notes of the roasted malts and the generous use of hops give your tastebuds something to work with. The recipe is a present from a friend in Denmark. Adapted to the New Zealand hops, and very much a beer you don't easily forget.

Sunset Ale | Golden Ale | 5.8 | IBU: 35 | EBC: 24

Sunset Ale Golden Ale FurbrewA beer with character. This beer is a good beer for pondering in the sunset, or just with a good salty snack or semi spicy meal.